IMG_1010About Us
We are a family run independent hobby turned business comprising Muz (pirate look-a-like, self-confessed optical architect and chief in charge of injecting life into furniture), Ellie (Occupational Therapist by day and retro-appreciator by early evening), MJ and Reg (the kids and the sensible ones who know more about IT than we do) and most importantly the cats, Mali and Myrtle who usefully sniff all new things, sit on everything and add moths to the mix.

Our Ethos
By appreciating the rare, beautifully designed and the lasting value of things, we hope to counteract the mass produced, disposable and often characterless things that seem carelessly produced. Everything on our website has survived the rigours of time, is unique and has a story. We find, restore, upcycle and add to that story so that you can enjoy our stuff for many years to come.